Engineering a structural approach to your fabrications


Heavy Metal and Light Metal Fabrication

At Blackhill Engineering we are renowned for our love of heavy metal; and I’m referring to stainless steel, aluminium etc. not the heavy metal music lovers!

Heavy metal tends to be large objects, massive steel structures; anything which is weighty – not even the World’s strongest Man could lift! You need specialist machinery like a 50 tonne crane to lift and construct such weighty objects; which we are fortunate to have on site.

We offer a vast technical capability appertaining to the world of fabrication, welding and associated operational processes. Our embedded manufacturing experience and in depth abilities continually enhance our vision of SAFETY, QUALITY, DELIVERY ethos.

We understand the complex quirks of how metals react when subjected to conditional change by either cutting, forming and weld pool solidification.

With our immense manufacturing knowledge, extensive experience of EN1090 and working within multi industry sectors, our business is perfectly poised to take on the most demanding structural steel engineering projects.

We provide the most comprehensive Life Time Quality Records Dossier incorporating all the quality documentation that you require.

Our non-ferrous department offer a quality assured, PMUC compliant manufacturing route, covering 314, 316 and duplex grades, with the demanding rigours of cleanliness, worthy of the nuclear industry.

Here at Blackhill, we specialise in both light and heavy fabrication. We are renowned in the industry for getting the job done, getting it done right, and on time. If there is a small or large fabrication project you want to explore, please contact Paul Brennan

Make us your number one choice for your next project.


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