Machining, vertical machining centre, horizontal boring


Machine Shop Capabilities:

Lagun CBM CM4 CNC Bed Mill
Heidenhain iTNC 530
4000 mm (X) 1200 mm (Y) 1500 mm (Z)
Union Horizontal Table Borer
C/w Digital Read Out
750 mm dia Head, 1900 mm x 1600 mm rotary table
2700 mm (X) 1600 mm (Y) 1500 mm (Z)
Yang SMV – 1000 Fanuc Control 1020 mm (X) 510 mm (Y) 510 mm (Z)
XYZ Pro 4000 CNC Turret Mill
Prototrak Control
1500 mm (X) 600 mm (Y) 585 mm (Z)
XYZ Pro 4000 Turret Mill Prototrak Control 1000 mm (X) 600 mm (Y) 585 mm (Z)
Scottish Centre Lathe
C/w Power Feeds and Screw Cutting
1000 mm dia. Swing x 12200 mm long
2500 mm dia. swing x 3600 mm long
2550 mm dia. swing x 400 mm long
2600 mm dia. swing x 200 mm long
XYZ Proturn SLX355 Prototrak Control 1000 mm between centres
225 mm Swing over cross slides
360 mm swing bed


With our factory production control system and in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification all of our work is fully inspected before dispatch, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products.

Using the latest in Faro arm 3D technology our inspection team can carry out detailed 3D inspections, reverse engineer obsolete components, conduct 3D modelling and rapid prototyping.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements



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